Fall/Winter 2017 Features

The Stray Branch
#20 Vol 17 Fall/Winter 2017



Adam Levon Brown ~ Poet
Amber Tran ~ Poet
Bertram Allan Mullin ~ Author/Fiction
Daginne Aignend ~Poet
Daniel de Cullá ~ Poet/Artist
Jennifer Courtney ~Poet
Mark Burchard ~Photographer
Martin Foroz ~ Poet
Michael Marrotti ~ Poet
Milenko Županović ~ Poet
Richard Hartwell ~ Author/Non Fiction
Sanjeev Sethi ~ Poet
Vineet Pandey ~ Poet


“Ravens” by Raven Jade Cole
“Fals Expectations” by Torie Cooper
“no hope” by Nathaniel Sverlow
“TRAVELER” by Mark J. Mitchell
“regret” by Lindsay Diem
“Pain Passes” by Tamsen Grace
“Coffeehouse Poem # 172” by Erren Geraud Kelly
“The Lucy-Ann” by Andy Hubbard
“Twilight” by Wayne F. Burke
“Prepared For Loss” by Sandra Bounds
“Biting It” by JD DeHart
“I Push Her Wheelchair in the City of My Childhood” by Marg Walker
“In The End” by Lynn White
“The Daughter Dark” by A. Marie Kaluzza


The Gun by Cindy Knoebel

Flash Fiction

Like Trains That Pass by Elise Edmonds