Margie Fuston

Margie Fuston

Fall/Winter 2015 ~ Poetry

Margie Fuston teaches college composition and spends her free time writing, reading, and getting to know the characters in her head. Her work has appeared in Calaveras Station, Late Peaches, and Metonym.


The Road’s Call



Come with me,
I’ll keep you between the lines
as you drive by your ex’s house
one too many time,
searching for silhouettes
against the light from the bedside lamp
you bought.
I’ll let you tread on me
as you make your way to the bar
where you had your first date.
I’ll wait outside
while you lean too far over
in your low-cut shirt,
pretending to have connections
with strangers.
Come back to me,
after you’ve had five drinks
too many
and I’ll catch your body
when it cracks through your windshield
and cradle your broken limbs
until the ambulance comes.

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