David Hutt

David Hutt

Fall/Winter 2015 ~Poetry

David Hutt was raised in London (U.K). He currently lives in Brighton but will soon be moving to Cambodia. David’s poetry and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in: Eunoia Review, Penmen Review, Commonline Journal, Apocrypha and Abstractions, Smashed Cat, Uppagus, and other publications. Find more of his work at www.davidhuttwriter.com.


As good as it gets
(Previously published in The Literary Yard)

For several nights I kissed her lobotomy eyes,
kissed her pre-torn wrists,
dissolved her anxieties in our imperfections.

She asked me things like, is it possible to love two people?
I said no,
and darling, this is as good as it gets –

Even if I promise to touch every nuance of your body,
every broken fingernail and cuticle,
it will never get any better than it is now.