Bob Eager

Bob Eager has been published in Leaves of Ink, Chronogram, Rusty Truck, Camel Saloon and The New Beatnik. Bob also appeared in ASU Canyon Voices issue #13 with a poem called Deleted Hindsight. He also has a message video channel called Charisma Corner.





Seat Hogs- Same Different People
Enter the bus ,
Early at Five Thirty …
Patrons converge to the Same seats and same select conversations..

Everyone looks hazy and for one moment seem comatose in sleepy oblivion.

Switch it up
Decide to Go later ;

Enter the bus
Six- Same Different People
Like clockwork,
Another Quick Observation ,

Public Transit Cliques develop!
Some patrons on the bus are called Seat Hogs;
they stare into the monotonous abyss;
Their bags hang on their sides like appendages.

You have entered the Dimension known as the Routine Zone ..

Try and Mix it up still same result.
No matter what time Same Different People Emerge.

A wake up call,
Should be an incentive to change to a new life..
Or a twenty year process?

Time for an Exit!

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