Jerry Nehr

Fall/Winter 2014


Jerry M. Nehr, Jr. is the founder (2000) and president of Creative Discoveries Training and Consulting and is a licensed counselor in the state of Michigan.  Jerry has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University and a master’s degree in Counseling and Addiction Studies from the University of Detroit Mercy.

  • Servant Leadership Training
  • Cultural Diversity Training
  • Addictions Seminars
  • Career and Life Coaching
  • Personal Counseling

His clients include CEO’s, managers, small business owners, government officials, politicians, educators, health care practitioners, law enforcement officials, human service workers, athletes, substance abuse professionals, recovering addicts, court-ordered and at-risk teens, post-incarcerated men and women and families.

Jerry is an adjunct faculty member at Macomb Community College and is currently pursuing his PhD in Sociology at Wayne State University.  He is married and has a son.

He can be reached at:


Discovering Myself 

I did not want to know, the person I might not be,
So instead I drank my drink and pretended I was free.
As years went on and I became the one who could not stop,
And all the things I thought I was, I realized I was not.
And so I said goodbye to the thing that eased my pain,
And now I fully realize that I truly was insane.
So here I am among you now, in all my hopes and fears,
Knowing that I am Divine – and had been all these years.
t’s hard sometimes, you know, to admit you cannot drink,
It really isn’t fair, ‘cuz I loved the taste…I think.
But as you read this think of me and take great joy in knowing,
That recovery is a sacred gift – the seeds of which I’m sowing.