Mark Burchard

Spring/Summer 2015

Mark Burchard 2


Mark Burchard, a former Motion Picture Costumer, was inspired by the slaphappy
moments in his 29th film, “The Silence of the Lambs,” to try his hand at writing comedy.
He quickly moved on to include poetry, fiction, and memoir. Now with over 70 pieces in print, Mark is proud that his work has appeared in such diverse publications as
THE BATTERED SUITCASE, WESTWARD QUARTERLY, AUDIENCE MAGAZINE, LITTLE EPISODES, KEROUAC’S DOG, DO HOOKERS KISS?, SKIVE MAGAZINE, and THE STRAY BRANCH. Mark’s photographs were shown at the launch of Little Episodes in London, and can be seen on the covers as well as within the pages of many of themagazines mentioned above. His filmography can be found at



After Bullet Fly
by Mark Burchard

After bullets fly what had mattered
Lies in waste, forever tattered

Raped by steel and powder fiery
Death is beauty’s wasted dowry.