Adam Levon Brown FW 2017

Adam Levon Brown is a poet, student, and activist residing in Eugene, Oregon. He enjoys playing with cats and meeting new people. He can be contacted via his website at, where he offers free poetry resources.


Dearly Departed


A blanket
of ominous black
surrounds the perforated
sockets of his confused visage
Misshapen maladies strike
the mallet upon
the desk
of fate
He looks at the dirt-smudged
Starbucks cup that he collects
his capitalist suffrage in
With the titanic world on
his shoulders, he sluggishly
passes a glance at the painted
wall across from him
The message to the future
is what some would call graffiti
He silently begins counting
the stars in the enigma of the sky
He takes his last breath at
number one hundred and eleven
His spirit looks down upon his
Wal-mart clothed body while
saying a prayer to be sent
to the light
The darkness replies,
“What is light?”

The departed looks
confused and confesses
that he doesn’t have the answer

The darkness replies,
“And now you know and so you are free.”

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Artwork, “Underneath” by Kate Viola