Rex Sexton SS 2012

Spring/Summer 2012

Rex Sexton is a Surrealist painter based in Philadelphia and Chicago.  His award winning art has been televised on PBS, written about in newspapers, reproduced in magazines and included in national and international exhibitions.  Of his recent exhibit in Chicago the critique Robin Dulzen wrote in Chicago Art Magazine: “Sexton’s work … brings to mind the flattened forms and spaces and line qualities of Miro … {and} the bizarre figures and spaces of Chagall.  Bridging reality and fantasy, Sexton’s paintings emotionally engage viewers with multitudes of figures and multitudes of vivid expressions.”  Jeffery McNary wrote in New City: “Growing up in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood, Sexton ‘saw hardships with no let up.’  He paints ‘expressions of humanity with the hope that I capture its dreams in the midst of adversity.”
“Romanticism emerges in his stunning “Edith” oil painting.  This semi-cubist portrait of Edith Piaf seduces with thick, deep layers of tans and blacks, doe eyes and arched eyebrows.”