“A Tiara for the Twentieth Century” by Suzanne Richardson Harvey

“A Tiara for the Twentieth Century”

Suzanne Richardson Harvey

Reviewed by Debbie Berk, founder/editor of The Stray Branch 

Suzanne Richardson Harvey is a master of her craft. She is a poet that appeals to readers on many levels, captivating them with strong, clear imagery combined with the straightforward honesty of human emotion. Speaking with wisdom, experience and mature confidence she is bold, honest and thoughtful with her words.

In “A Tiara for the Twentieth Century” Suzanne takes the reader on a journey through the many moods and cycles of life, her life yet there is something here for everyone as she boldly explores personal subject matter that is relatable, in some form or another to all who read her work.

These poems are accessible, true to life, brave, straightforward, compassionate and very human.

Suzanne’s work has appeared in two issues of The Stray Branch, #3, Spring/Summer 2009 and #4, Fall/Winter 2009.

She’s an amazing talent and if you love poetry this collection is a must read.

“A Tiara for the Twentieth Century”

Available through Fithian Press, A division of Daniel and Daniel,
Publishers, Inc., Susan Daniel

Sadly, Suzanne passed away July 17th 2010. She was a great source of inspiration and encouragement for me and the magazine in its early days.