Terms of Departure by Merran Jones

Terms of Departure


     I’m leaving! he shouted.
     Good! she shouted.
     He shoved his life into a suitcase. Squashed it all down inside, squashed it in tight.
     With animal-eyes, he pushed past and hurled his case at the door. Then turned, face dark,
     his mouth a shadow.
     I want the baby, he snarled.
     The baby. It’s mine. I want the baby.
     You can’t have it.
     She trembled, a sparrow in the corner. Beneath the broken light.
     I want the baby!
     They struggled. He grabbed her arms, forced her onto the floor.
     I want the baby! I want the baby!
     He opened her legs, pressed on her stomach, as though he could force the baby out of her.
     I want the baby! he screamed.
     No! she screamed.
     Mashed into a corner of the kitchen. A ball of fury and terror.
     That was how the police found them.
Merran is an Australian physiotherapist and young mum who’s been writing for a couple of years. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in After the Pause, A Quiet Courage, and Literary Orphans among others. She’s also won several small competitions, was commended for the KSP Speculative Fiction Award 2014, and won the 2015 Write Well Award. merrankjones@gmail.com