Phaidra Mangriotis

Fall/Winter 2014


Phaidra Mangriotis was born in Athens Greece in 1975.  She studied Economics and International Relations at Brown University, R.I..  After graduating from Brown she studied Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts.  She is a visual artist by profession.  She writes poetry in both English and Greek.  She has just published her first collection of poems writen in Greek in Greece, Snails die during summer, with publisher ODOS PANOS.  She is interested in publishing her first collection of poems writen in English, Lost Haven, in the United States.



Coarse blades razing my skin
A sting of warm liquid
Humming voices of a ritual
in the middle a giant snake
Changing colours manically
You held a knife
Reached out to kill the snake
‘No’ I screamed.

I woke up you were gone
I was bleeding
The bed was full of scales.