Dan Encarnacion


Fall/Winter 2015 ~ Poetry

Dan Encarnacion lives in Portland, Oregon where he co-curates the Verse In Person poetry series. Dan has been recently published in The Atlas Review, Eleven Eleven, Upstairs At Duroc and forthcoming in Assaracus, The Los Angeles Review, Whiskey Island, The Blue Mesa Review, Word Riot and and/or. He was the featured artist for Reconnaissance Magazine’s 2013 issue and is included in the anthology Reduce: A Collection of Writings from Educe Journal 2012 (Educe Press).



To murder    is muzak.             To murder is    the wave-rolling breath of
wordless languor            caught behind the flat, cold palms         of soft-

shutting office doors.                 To murder is     to see Dick run; run Dick run.
To rape is     youtube.                             To rape is     to rain stitches of quick,

digestible images           on the family room floor.                 To rape is         to
see Jane           . . . anyone seen Jane?                    To pillage is         hallmark.

To pillage is      the unraveling tongue of the tumbling tide, under       cry of
skyward gulls, lapping away footprints pressed            in the tiles of superstore

aisles.                 To pillage is        to see Dick run and to see Jane         . . . Jane?