July 1964 by Pamela R. Anderson

Featured Poem / Fall/Winter 2015


July 1964

We were three—

spun from cocoons and launched,

wingless, into the moonlit

night.  Three sisters

who slipped out the back door

in our Sugar Plum nightgowns—who

flew high and higher

on swings—toes

scraping the stars.

I remember laughter—

tangled hair—the porch light

snapped on—Dad shouting

“Get in the house”—

and brooding chains that clanked

hard when we ran,

barefoot and oblivious,

into the house.


Pamela R. Anderson is a part-time poet and full-time fundraiser for Kent State University
in Kent, Ohio. She has her MFA from the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts Program, and
her poetry has been published in a number of literary magazines. These days, she is known
as a Holocaust Poet for poems focused on Czechoslovakia in 1938-1945.