Nicole Melchionda

Nicole Melchionda is currently a senior at Stetson University where she is majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. She recently completed an independent study on gothic poetry with award-winning poet Terri Witek. The interests that infiltrate her work include biology, human anatomy, cosmology, psychology, and interpersonal relationships.




Cracked clavicles licked and a split chest
cradling regurgitated monster.
Are you from bad genes?

Planting sickly cells in healthy body,
devouring lifeblood-

Kicks are felt as palpitations,
a scrape down the ribcage
festering in cardiac womb.

Do atoms fizzle venom in veins?
A pregnancy with infinite terms,
never mother, only host.

Freudian father cackles
as woman drowns
in men(placen)tal fluids.

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