Tears in a Toilet Bowl by Kevin Mazzola

Spring/Summer 2016

Tears in a Toilet Bowl

I’m caustic, acidic, revolting,
I’ll cry into the toilet bowl
and burn away the shit-stains
with my tears,
standing there jiggling
the flaccid handle
hoping for clean water.

There’s nothing clean about
this life.

There’s nothing sacred about
crying into a toilet.

There’s no relief in
cutting your wrists in the shower,
watching the water run red
like little rivers
polluted with clay and red algae
curving and zigzagging
down to the ocean
where they’ll be drowned
in the vastness
never to be heard from

Kevin Mazzola

Kevin is a 23-year old graduate student and writer from New Jersey. He spends his spare time thinking about better things to do with his spare time.