G. David Schwartz SS 2016

Spring/Summer 2016



G David Schwartz is the former President of “Seed House”, an on-line, interfaith community forum.  He has also published three books –
” A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue” (1994),  “Midrash and Working Out Of The Book” ( 2004), and most recently “Shards and Stanzas” (2011).

David is currently retired, and besides writing, spends his time volunteering in his community.  This gives him time to go out and
make speeches and give autographs.









Collection Of Misfortune

I had a collection of misfortune
With not a deed but pain
I’d throw it out the window
And it would return a gain
I have a collection in misfortune
But it won’t stay in the trunk
It just piles out
Into and with a band of junk
This collection of missfortune
It, I do believe
A terrible thing to leave
But this and so…
Here I do go!

G. David Schwartz