Matthew Duggan

Born 1971, Bristol U.K.

Winner of the Erbacce  Prize for Poetry 2015

Poems have appeared in Harbinger Asylum, Yellow Chair Review, The Journal, A New Ulster, Roundyhouse, The Seventh Quarry, Apogee Magazine, The Dawntreader, Jawline Review.


The Girl With Blue Wristbands


She ate chips in the dark

hiding from that bubble,

light glides in the shadowed

patches; as she waits.


At night her façade breaks

make-up running deep,

that once ever so confident girl

slides up her blue wristbands;


Each slice a voice breaking on the shorelines

with each cut her inner struggle is mapped

from back head of knuckles

into pale blue veins.


When daylight shows the morning crest

those blue wristbands

linger of washed fragrance

smelling fresh


No glimpse of blood her scars imprisoned

only in the room

that the girl with the blue wristbands

feels most alive.

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