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Issue #15 Spring/Summer 2015

The Spring/Summer 2015 issue is now AVAILABLE!
Features from #15 Vol 12 include……


Top row, left to right, Mark Burchard, Paul Beckman, Mark Wagstaff,
Liam C. Calhoun, Brittany Cagle, Second row, left to right, Robert Karaszi,
Bob Eager, Rick Hartwell, John W. Dennehy, Third row, left to right,
Kaz Sussman, David Rutter, Jason Constantine Ford.

mark-burchard-sm  pb-b&w  Mark-Wagstaff_November-2011-sm  Liam-C-sm  Brittany-Cagle-sm

Robert-Karaszi-sm  Edgar-Rider-sm  photo-richardhartwell-sm  John-Dennehy-sm

Kaz-B-&-W-(1)-sm       David-rUTTER-sm        Jason-Ford-bw-sm

Featured Poems

Cleaning House by Richard Schnap
Empty Crawing Night by Michael Britton
Exit Here by Connie Post
Furniture by Mark J. Mitchell
Heeding a Warning by Valentina Cano
Home by Pam Riley
Pollen by Austin Wallace
Sunday Morning by Brenton Booth
The Nature of Clarity by Dana Curtis
The Rinse Cycle by Loretta Diane Walker 

Featured Fiction…… 

Grinning Man by Cody Brown
The Driver Drove by Ashley Medhurst