Inge Meldgaard


Inge Meldgaard

Fall/Winter 2015 ~ Poetry & Photography

Inge Meldgaard is the author of three futuristic 25th century crime-mystery novels set primarily in Australia (“The Cicada’, ‘A Death In The Making’ and “The Seed Gatherers;), and also one fully colour illustrated children’s book, ‘Boggle the Gymboot Bird’, which is a gently humorous and inspirational story about kookaburra who cannot fly and who must therefore where shoes in order to walk. The children’s book was created in collaboration with the illustrator, Lucy Gao, and editor, Kathryn Deering. Born in Denmark in 1953, Inge has used her life experience and extensive studies of both the natural and the human world to create novels, short stories and poetry containing both depth and maturity. She also uses her artistic abilities to produce the covers for her novels, and is a member of the global art network, deviant art, where she enjoys sharing her photography and digital works.



Kilns - 1942



Gloomy thoughts of death
walk amongst the shadows passed ~
Memories of darkness
follow me into the night ~
Silence, until the morning.

An hour’s breath away from death
A sunrise away from mourning
Time lingers and holds still
Awaiting the silence of the grave.

Silken shrouds enfold
the living yet ghastly form ~
Humanity’s guilt ~
A finger points directly
at you ~
Accused, condemned, blind.

Feasting on despair,
ponderous and huge, it waits ~
the Leviathan.


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