Anvil by Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Fall/Winter 2014

Brief-The poem highlights the descent of a relationship into the very depths of ennui.


Your words were the silenced boughs
of the clock paralysed by the uncurled leaves
of the withered topiary,
a broken cheval glass.

The winter maiden scratched out
the sunshine from the broken whispers
scooping out the remnant to repair
your wall crack smile peeling at the edges
revealing a wheelchaired mouth.

Blurry fire brick sky stared at me
as I shut my eyes.
Mummified memories swimming
on flowers with fragrance of
skeleton spring.
Your slippery hands failed to
hold on to my eyelashes.

You fell on the sweat of our heartbeats.

The vapory wombs then burst
the seeds
fell on Me
Doors shut, they rotted.
on vein hammered catafalque.


Shinjini Bhattacharjee has contributed to the online magazine Poetry24, and several local journals and magazines.She holds  an M.A degree in English Literature and is a self professed jabberwocky who loves to explore the poems garbed in emotions of varied hues every moment of her life composes. Her thoughts find their translation at

Shinjini is also the Editor-In-Chief @HermeneutiChaos , Poetry Editor-Abacus Literary Magazine