Israfel Sivad

Israfel Sivad is originally from Whittier, CA. He is the founder of Ursprung Collective, an international spoken word/music/visual art project that has been referred to as “fantastic brain food” on ReverbNation. His collected works can be referred to as “Andrew’s Songs.”


We Are the Underground


Dear America,
I am your child,
and I am the underground.

…I hold the trumpet to my lips,
but I refuse to blow its silken
notes. All of the angels, they
all sing their songs through me:
I am the source of the abyss over
which the acrobats choose to leap.

The knowledge of live-evil spreads
grasping roots outside my window, runs
sap through my Father’s French Horn, a
cool stream on which He played the song
just for me: a witch’s bitchy brew just for me.
Childhood’s tape deck still wears His odd
harmonics – hums even with His locomotive tune,

blows my shofar in the alcove of a fly’s wing,
interred, protected by Your exoskeleton. Preying upon
spiders, You swore Your liquor was simple pomegranate
juice while We drove along chromatic XY avenues, ran
into bright Mississippi blues, never thinking of sin,
which is why I panicked the world would lock You
up in a different tomb like Beelzebub –to meet never again.

The foundation of my life weaves along the same
foundation as Yours, which is the answer
to which is perfect to purify Medusa as she reclines
across our bloody “forms”, a trick Pythagoras
theorized with Heraclitus… Fluctuating at 90o,
serpents intertwined between the beats,
the sheets – You became me became

a two-headed beast, a mythology
of such a fantastic trinity that four
roots now reach through humanity’s
soiled history to every continent upon
which Saint Paul safely danced while
Saint John imagined Our devolution…

Dear world,
We are your children,
and We are the underground.

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