Prime Cuts by John Franklin & Tim Sulka


(Prime Cuts Vol. 1
Graphic Novel Review)

Prime Cuts Vol. 1

Written by John Franklin and Tim Sulka
Artwork: Rob Gutman
Creative Consultant: Any Neswald
Produced by Laddsville Entertainment

Synopsis: Courtesy of Laddsville Entertainment
Prime Cuts Vol. 1: After a decade in cosmetology prison, Todd Sweeney returns home to Pure Springs, shears in hand, to find and kill the man who destroyed his family.

Too bad fate has other plans. 

Prime Cuts, Volume 1 can be purchased at; please visit www.primecutsnovel for more information.

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Gritty and wickedly entertaining, Prime Cuts Vol. 1 offers readers a brief glimpse into the dark, mysterious life of Todd Sweeney that is sure to leave them eagerly awaiting Vol. 2.