The Great Wise Man By Denny E. Marshall

                                                        The Great Wise Man


     It took Mike a week too reach this spot, a remote area In Canada. As he stood at the foot
of the mountain his eyes gazed at the top. It will take a few days to reach the summit. He will
make camp and set out in the morning.


     Mike could not believe he made this trip. He is searching for the wise man that
supposedly lives near the peak of the mountain in a small log cabin. The wise man is know as
“Astkar” or “Great Wise Man Of The Mountain”


     A few days later he is near the peak and sights the tiny cabin. He makes his way towards
the structure and upon arriving knocks at the door. A few moments later he hears a voice say,
“Cometh ye enter.” He opens the door and the man says, “Sit my friend.” Mike is expecting
someone really old with a long white beard, but the man appears to be in his early fifties and of
native Canadian descent. There are two large dogs sitting on each side of the man. One is a
German Shepard the other a Siberian husky. The man is silent as he pours hot tea into cups and
hands one to Mike. After handing the tea to Mike he asks, “What answers do you seek, ye weary
one.” “I would like to know the meaning of life?” Mike asks. The man stares at Mike for a long t
ime and finally says, “There is no meaning to life. Life is only a cycle, like all things. If you take
a sewing needle and prick one spot on Earth with it, our solar system would fit into it a billion
times compared to the universe. There is no meaning to man, that man does not create himself.”


     “But, but, there has got to be more to it.” Mike stutters.


     The man looks Mike over carefully and says, “No just a cycle, get over it. Life’s too
short.” Mike went silent and feels disappointed. This is the great wise man? The man motions his
hand towards the door. “That is all seeker, farewell.” Mike leaves, makes his way down the
mountain and heads for home.


     Meanwhile back on the mountain inside the cabin, the man finishes up his second cup of
tea. That is the third person in a week seeking answers on various subjects. Amazing in such a r
emote location. He looks at the dogs and said, “I can’t wait until Astkar is back from vacation
and this dog-sitting is over.


Denny Marshall’s Artwork