I Don’t Care by Henry Goldkamp

I Don’t Care


you decide.
Toeing the sands

coins in a purple felt bag
Crown Royal my father drank

I stole a pringles can with $50
in it from a car once

blessing ourselves
nasal spray at 4 am

mosquitos marvel
at the blue remainder of VHS tape

A veil and a shave

cheese cutter on the registry

eyes hurt as bad as earth

on fire with a video game and 10% off

veins on the back of my hand
leeches that I cannot picture

Should we go?


Henry Goldkamp lives in New Orleans with his wife and three dogs. Most important to him is the spirit of gratitude and realizing how damn lucky all this is. He has been recently published in Mudfish, Le Wobble, Asinine Poetry, Espresso Poets’ Review and others. If you want to know more about him and his work, simply google search “Henry Goldkamp” with a fresh drink of your choice—there’s plenty to read.