David Rutter

Spring/Summer 2015


David Rutter is a Los Angeles based writer of poetry, fiction and theatre. This year David-rUTTER

his work has been published in Haggard & Halloo, The Wilderness House Literary Review, Subliminal Interiors, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Clean Sheets, Leaves of Ink, Eskimo Pie, Eunoia Review, The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles and most recently, the Los Angeles Times. He is not writing a screenplay.



Rehab Stories: Sugarman

Sugarman had the dead and soulless eyes   
Of a pickled herring   
It was readily apparent
      That no shred of human warmth   
Had ever slipped through them   
In either direction

Sugarman’s name must have been   
Intended ironically   
The only thing sweet about him
Was the fetid aroma   
Of human decay   
He referred to 
As his man musk

Sugarman liked to slip his hand   
Between my legs   
And squeeze my testicles   
While making a foghorn sound   
With his mouth   
I’ve encountered more annoying habits   
In my day
I just can’t recall
   What they were

Sugarman had 29 days clean   
I had 20 dollars on him   
Never making 30   
Looking back   
    It was the easiest
   Twenty bucks
I ever made