rainbow by Naima Hirsch



he touched me i blossomed pink
he kissed me i darkened red
he caressed me i blushed blue
he loved me i bled the whole damn rainbow
can’t remember what it’s like to love
only what it is to be loved
cause i wrote us a eulogy instead of a song
mom used to say when it rains
it pours
she’s right
you weren’t a storm you were a hurricane
now my rainbow is relief


Naima Hirsch has been writing poetry for roughly half her life. In 2014, she received Honorable Mentions and Regional Silver Keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for her poetry and flash fiction. Her poem “Subjectivity” was published in the November 2016 issue of Crab Fat Magazine. When not writing poetry, Naima can be found arguing about feminism, reading, watching 30 Rock, knitting, or cooing at babies.