Features Spring/Summer 2017





Alisa Velaj
Barbara Gurney 
Bob Eager
Daniel de Culla
Devin Gackle
Irsa Ruçi
Israfel Sivad
Ken Allan Dronsfield
Kim Sheldon
Liam C. Calhoun
Mark Burchard
Matthew Duggan
Mikel K.
Milenko Županović
Nicole Melchionda



Bone Broth by Joan Mazza 
Cardboard Coffin by Catherine Keller 
Conceive by Gabriella M. Belfigilo 
Feeding Foxes by Peter Grimaldi 
Fortune Teller by Soodabeh Saeidnia 
I Don’t Care by Henry Goldkamp 
MAGPIES by Kevin McMahon 
night the brutal skull by David McLean 
rainbow by Naima Hirsch 
Sadly, We Die by Michael Lee Johnson 
THE MONKEY’S PAW by Ron Larson 
The Reasons by Marc Livanos
“Well shit” by Kyle Perdue 

WORDLESSNESS by Ann Blackburn


The Man In The Window by Elizabeth Ribar 
Trophy Case by Brady Koch 

Flash Fiction

Terms of Departure by Merran Jones 
The Great Wise Man By Denny E. Marshall