Priya Prithviraj SS 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

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Priya Prithviraj writes verse and prose that appear in international journals and literary publications that include the 125th anniversary issue of New Plains Review and Eastlit, a journal of East and Southeast Asian Literature.Other than being a writer, Priya is involved in ELT and curriculum development projects for social causes. She also maintains a lit blog where she interviews writers and reviews books.She is currently working on an illustrated single poem book and also a novel among several other writing projects.








The Sky in a Square

Squares on top of squares,

the many shacks that lined

the city circumference ;

the sky above her city at dusk

shrunk into a blue square on the wall

in each of them.

The city with all its lights and sounds

shrunk to fit in her window frame,

and her square soul stared at it starry-eyed.

The squares of blue,

her eyes stitched

into the sky that spread above

the city that never loved her.

Priya Prithviraj

Previously Published in Eastlit – Southlit supplement Oct 2015

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