Kim Sheldon

Author of Raven in the Snow. Kim Shelden currently lives in Alaska with her husband, son and four-legged fur family.




Your heart beats wickedness,
venom surges your veins.
You are a conjurer of strife,
the epitome of evil.

A slayer of the meek and humble of heart.
You are a liar, the queen of lies, but your only crown is folly, for you are a fool.
You are filled with wrath.

You walk in a continual state of vexation.

You manipulate and change your ways like a chameleon changes its color;
adapting to whatever suits your needs, whatever is convenient. To get what you want.

Greed is your passion. Destruction is your mission.

Your feet ponder the path of deceit.

You speak evil, your words cut like knives piercing the souls around you.

You drape yourself with disrespect and disgrace.

Your heart and spirit are filled with darkness,
a darkness for which there is no true color to describe the depth and complexity of.

But your days will come to an end.

For as you loved cursing, so it shall come unto you.

You will be clothed with shame, and humiliation will cover you like a veil.

Your wicked name shall rot.