John C. Kojak FW 2016

Fall/Winter 2016 / Artwork / Featured Poet (Artwork is Bio Photo)

John Kojak is a graduate of The University of Texas who lives and writes in Houston, Texas. John’s short story entitled “Don Pedro” was published in Beyond Imagination literary magazine, and he has had several poems published in print magazines such as Poetry Quarterly and Dual Coast Magazine. He aspires to write truthfully.

Road Trip


Alone, I drive west
leaving the urine soaked streets
of New Orleans behind me.
My heart lost in the immense
darkness beyond the road.

I turn north onto Highway 61,
letting the waning glow of the
hallow moon guide me
toward the siren graves of
ancient agonies.

I want to smell
the sweet sweat of the cotton fields.
I want to hear the bark of the hounds.
I want to feel the whip,
as it rips the flesh from my back.

The Mississippi Delta…
Where the blues was born.
Where man forgot he was man,
and evil ruled so completely that even
Jesus was forced to look away.

Yet, I hope to find peace along the big river.
I hope to find solace amongst the echoes
of other lost souls.

~ John Kojak