Update on Submissions

Still working hard to get caught up on submissions and reviews. Work is well under way on the upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 issue. If you submitted before October when reading times resumed and you haven’t gotten a response, please re`submit. It is nearly impossible trying to catch up on current submissions while trying to go back and read the submissions of those who disregarded guidelines and the reading times. I think from now on any submission sent outside of the reading times will not be acknowledged as it’s not fair to those who submit at the correct times and have to wait longer than usual for a response because I have a folder full of emails from those who sent their submissions outside of reading times and I’m trying to be fair to all who submit and there is a lot of talent here but please, guidelines and reading times are put in place for a reason. Thank you.

P.S. If you are thinking of submitting, current needs are for Art and Photography for the Fall/Winter 2017 issue. There is still a small amount of room for poetry, prose and fiction in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue but soon submissions will be considered for the Spring/Summer 2018 issue and beyond.