Submissions Now Open

October 1st 2015

Submissions have resumed for The Stray Branch. However, current needs are for art and photography for the Spring/Summer 2016 and the Fall/Winter 2016 issues.  All poetry, prose, fiction and flash will be considered for the Fall/Winter 2016 issue and beyond.  I apologize in advance for the lengthy delays between acceptances and publication but as always I am flooded with many great submissions and I can only fit so much into two issues per year.  I usually publish fairly large issues but am hoping to trim back and do smaller issues due to the stress of such a heavy work load so there may be even longer delays until I can get the backlog under control and put accepted content into more manageable issues.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  I look forward to reviewing your submissions.


Please read guidelines before submitting.


Thank you.


Debbie Berk